Books and other Publications used as research material

P=Practical          R=Reference
Title Author Publication Company ISBN  No. Edition
P A Bedfordshire Lace Collection Barbara M Underwood Ruth Bean 0-903585-28-6 1995
P Anne Catherine Buddes Monsterbag Anne Catherine Buddes Bodil Tornehave 87-7490-303-9 1988
P Basic Principles for the Cleaning of Lace and Linen J. L. Gwynne Own Publication 2003
P Beautiful Crochet on Household linen Edited by Flora Klickmann The Girl’s Own paper and Woman’s Magazine, Curtis & Beamish Ltd. Coventry
P Bobbin Lace and Braid Gillian Dye Batsford – London 0-7134-1594-0 1979
P Bobbin Lace in Photographs Cynthia Voysey Batsford – London 0-7134-5331-1 1987
P Bobbin Lacemaking for Beginners Amy Dawson Blandford Press 0-7137-0817-4 1977
P Bucks Point Lacemaking Pamela Nottingham Batsford – London 0-7134-22343 1985
P Cane Basketwork (Ist Series) Anne Firth (2nd Edition) L. Upcott Gill London
P Celtic Knotwork Iain Bain Constable 0-09-4698-10-4 1992
P Coggleshall Lace Jean dudding Own Publication 1976
P Complete Needlecraft Agnes M. Miall C. Arthur Pearson Ltd.
P Crochet Patterns James Walters Queen Anne Press – Phoebus Pub. 169 Wardour st. London W1 1976
P Crocheting Tablecloths and PlaceMats Edited by Florence Weinstein Dover Publications Inc. 0-486-20659-9 1975
P Drawn Threadwork Lisa Melen Van Nostrand Reinhold 0-442–5308-8 1973
P Embroidery Stitches – Book Number 2 Anchor Needlework Series Own Publication
P Encyclopedia of Knitting James Norbury & Mary Agutter Odhams Press Ltd. S.466.R6.P
P Gifts You Can Make Yourself Illustrated Odhams Press Ltd. 1948
P Honiton Joyce Dorsett Lace Guild 0-901372-006 2000
P Honiton Patterns – With locally known trade names Lillie Trivett and Carol McFadzean Own Publication 2002
P How to make Crochet Lace Cartier-Bresson Paris France
P Knipling efter Tegning (Lacemaking in Diagram) Jul. Gjellerups Forlag Own Publication 1955
P Knitted Garments For All Margaret Murray & Jane Koster Odhams Press Ltd. S144
P Knitting Illustrated Margaret Murray & Jane Koster Odhams Press Ltd. S248U 1948
P Lace Bokking Int – France 2-87714-283-3 1995
P Les Dentelles aux Fuseaux This and the following are different editions * Bibliotheque DMC
P Les Dentelles aux Fuseaux See above note * Bibliotheque DMC
P Logarithmic Lace deborah Robinson Lace Guild 1-901372-13-8 2006
P Macrame 1 – Beginners Instruction-Simple Project in Knotting Search Press Ltd Own Publication 1973
P Mary Thomas’ Embroidery Book Mary Thomas Hodder & Stoughton 1948
P Mediterranean Crochet Harmony – Lyric Books Ltd. London 0-7111-0035-7 1994
P Modern Crochet “Scandinavian inspired crochet” New English Library – Times Mirror
P Modern Knitting Illustrated Margaret Murray & Jane Koster Odhams Press Ltd. S.2/481R
P Needle and Home Volume IX. No.2. Old series 346 Under the direction of Mme. JPTaylor Needle and Home, 54 Cavendish House, London, W 01/02/13
P Needlecraft No. 93 (18th crochet Series) Practical Journal Needlecraft Ltd. 5,6,7 Ivy Lane, London
P Needlelace Catherine Barley Batsford – London 0-7134-8688-0 2002
P Needlelace in Photographs Cynthia Voysey Batsford – London 0-7134-5560-8 1987
P Needlemade Laces – Materials, Research, Techniques Pat Earnshaw Ward Lock Ltd. London 0-7063-6620-4 1988
P Needlework (Hobby Book) M. K. Gifford Thomas Nelson and Sons
P New Designs in Honiton Lace Pat Perryman and Cynthia Voysey Batsford – London 0-7134-37421 1984
P New Patterns in Honiton Lace Caroline and Barry Biggins Batsford – London 0-7134-6489-5 1993
P Pillow Lace Margaret Hamer Hive 1975
P Plants and Flowers Bridget M Cook Batsford – London 0-7134-7790-3 1995
P Practical Family Knitting Illustrated Margaret Murray & Jane Koster Odhams Press Ltd. S1046U
P Practical Knitting Illustrated Margaret Murray & Jane Koster Odhams Press Ltd. S1040
P Russian Lacemaking Bridget M. Cook Batsford – London 0-7134-6101-2 1993
P Sealing Wax Craft Dennison Manchester Ltd. 1927
P Simple Experiments in Textile Science A. Ridley & D Williams Heinemann Educational Books Ltd. 0-435-42235-9 1974
P Tebbs Art of Bobbin Lace Louisa M Tebbs Paul B Minet 85609-027-1 1978
P The Art of Macrame – Modern Design in Knotting Joan Fisher Hamlyn 0-600-360466 1972
P The Art of Shetland Lace Sarah Don Bell & Hyman Ltd 0-7135-20213 1982
P The Home Art Crochet Book Edited by Flora Klickmann The Girl’s Own paper and Woman’s Magazine, Curtis & Beamish Ltd. Coventry 6th Impression
P The Modern Crochet Book Edited by Flora Klickmann The Girl’s Own paper and Woman’s Magazine, Curtis & Beamish Ltd. Coventry 3rd Impression
P The Second Book of Hows Edited by Miss Loch Baldwin & Walker Ltd
P The Technique of Filet Lace Pauline Knight Batsford – London 0-7134-1698-x 1980
P The Third Book of Hows – Wool, Knitting and Crochet Manchester School of Embroidery Own Publication Before 1904 probably 1880/90
P The Torchon Lace Workbook Bridget M. Cook Batsford – London 0-7134-5740-6 1988
P Traditional Knitting Patterns James Norbury Batsford – London 1962
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P Woolcraft – A Practical Guide to Knitting & Crochet Patons & Baldwins Ltd Own Publication
PR A Manual of Handmade Bobbin Lace Work Magaret Maidment Pitman & Sons 85609-00304 1976
PR Armenian Lace and Embroidery Alice Odian Kasparian EPM Pub. Mclean Virginia 0-914440-65-9 1983
PR Ayrshire Needlework Agnes F. Bryson Batsford – London 0-7134-5928-4 1989
PR Bobbin Lace- Form of Twisting Cords Kaethe and Jules Kliot George Allen and Unwins Ltd 0-04-746004-0 1973
PR Devon Trolley Lace – The Lost Lace of the East Devon Coast Carol McFadzean Own Publication 0-9547683-0-2 2004
PR Devon Trolley Lace _ Patterns and Lace for Queen Victoria Carol McFadzean Own Publication 0-9547683-1-0 2007
PR Dictionary of Stitches Golden Hands Edited by Sheila Bull Marshall cavendish 0-85685-130-2 1976
PR Irish Lacemaking Eileen O’Connor Dryad Press Ltd. 85219-090-5 1973
PR Kant aan de mutsen van Zuid Bevanland OIDFA 978-90-805530-60-4 2008
PR Knotted Lace in the Eastern Mediterranean Tradition Elena Dickson Sally Milner Publications 1-86351-121-0 1999
PR Le Pompe 1559;Patterns for Venetian Bobbin Lace Santina Levey and Patricia C. Payne Ruth Bean 0-903585-16-2 1983
PR Milanese Lace Pat Read and Lucy Kincaid Batsford – London 0-7134-5707-4 1988
PR Pictorial Archive of Lace Designs Carol Belangor Grafton Dover Publications Inc. 0-486-26112-3 1989
PR Ruskin Lace and Linen Work Elizabeth Prickett Batsford – London 0-7134-4561-0 1985
PR The Book of Bobbin Lace Stitches Bridget M. Cook and Geraldine Stott Batsford – London 0-7134-3883-5 1993
PR The Technique of Branscombe Point Lace Lillie D. Trivett Batsford – London 0-7134-6761-4 1991
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R A Bedfordshire Collection Barbara Underwood Ruth Bean 0-903585-28-6 1995
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R A History of Lace Hilda Barnard Sidmouth Museum 1989
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R A Stitch in Time (Victorian and Edwardian Needlecraft) Geoffrey Warren David & Charles 0-7153-7218-1 1976
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R Albastro Merletti Ricami E.N.A.P.I. 1957
R An Illustrated Dictionary of Art & Archealogy J. W. Molet Omega 1-85007-048-2 1987
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R An Introduction to Fashion Illustrations Madeleine Ginsburg V&A Museum 011-290391-6 1980
R An introduction to Lace Gabrielle Pond Garnstone Press 0-85511-340-5 1973
R Antique Lace: Identifying Types and Techniques Heather Toomer Schiffer 0-7643-1384-3 2001
R Aristocrats – The Illustrated Guide to the TV series Stella Tilyard Weidenfeld & Nicholson 0-297-82505-4
R Art, Trade and Mystery. Lace and Lacemaking in Northants Pat Rowley Lace Guild 1-901372-08-1 2000
R Ayrshire and other Whitework Margaret Swain Shire Publications Ltd. 0-85263-589-3 1982
R Baby Wore White – Robes for Special Occasions 1800-1910 Heather Toomer Own Publication 0-790954-273018 2004
R Beetons Book of Needlework Mrs Isabella Beeton Chancellor 1-85152-023-6 1986
R Bobbin and Needle Laces – Identification and Care Pat Earnshaw Batsford – London 0-7134-4139-9 1983
R Bruge and Kant Martin Bruggerman Copyright Uitgeverij Marc Van de Wein, Brugge D1985-2995/11
R Buttons Alan & Gillian Meredith Shire Publications Ltd. 0-7478-0466-4 2000
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R Carrickmacross Lace Nellie O’Cleirigh Colin Smythe 0-85105-436-6 1990
R Coggleshall Tambour Lace – A Short History Jean Dudding Own Publication 1988
R Costume & Fasion James Laver Thames & Hudson 0-500-20266-4 1996
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R Costume in Art National Galleries Own Publication 1-84072-026-3 1998
R Costumes L’Aventurine 2-914199-20-1 2002
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