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2651. Large Collar with Needlelace and ?machined tape with hand needle filling – Help with identification please? More photos added

Type: Needlelace and ?machined tape, bourdon cord, hand worked Purpose: Collar Date: 1860 Colour: ecru Width:  38cms deep Length: 48cms around neck Notes: ? 1880 copy of 1860 ?Court Ball. Note that there are a few motifs that are constantly … Continue reading

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2569. Machined tape and needlepoint collar

Type: Machined tape and needlepoint fillings Purpose: collar Date: 1890-1910 Colour: white Width: 14cms Length: 35cms Catalague no: 255

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2568. Machined Tape lace Bertha Collar with Needlepoint fillings

Type: Machined tape with needlepoint fillings Purpose: Bertha collar Date: 1900 Colour: white Width: 16cms Length: 80cms Catalague no: 253

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2554. Branscombe Needlelace on Machined tape collar

Type: Branscombe needlelace on machined tape Purpose: collar Date: 1880 Colour: white Width: 40cms Length: 15cms Catalague no: 1709

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2357. Honiton style tape lace edging

Type: Machined tape in Honiton style Purpose: edging Date: 1910-1930 Colour: white Width: 2cms Length: 43 cms Notes: 3 different tapes assembled by hand with plaits and oversewing Catalogue no: 714

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2309. Machined tape lace nightdress case

Type: Machined tape Purpose: nightdress case Date: 1900-1915 Colour: white Width: 52cms Length: 34cms Notes: Machned tape lace connecting embroidery. Central panel of Tenerife style work. Unsophisticated work. Catalogue no: 2971

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2290. Maltese Bobbin Lace Scarf

  Type: Maltese Purpose: Scarf Date: 1910 Colour: Black Width: 13cms Length: 120cms Catalogue no: 764

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2254. Machined Tape Lace and Hand needle fillings Handkerchief Surround

Type: Machined Tape Lace and hand needle fillings Purpose: Handkerchief Colour: natural Date: 1900-1920 Width: 33cms Length: 31cms Notes: See Antique Lace- Identifying Types and Techniques By Heather Toomer Page 101, Plate 107(a) and Pages 98 and 99. Catalogue no: 5072

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2237. Machined net, Machined Tape and embroidered Altar Frontal

Type: Machined net, machined tape and embroidered Purpose: Altar Frontal Date: 1850-1900 Colour: white Width: 28cms Length: 440cms Catalogue no: 1774  

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2190. Machined Tape Lace Pair of Ties

Type: Machined Tape Lace Purpose: Pair of Ties Date: 1870-1880 Colour: white Width: 6cms Length: 26cms Catalogue no: 1104

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