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2630. French Tortille ground net with appliqued motifs

Type: French Tortille ground net with applique Purpose: Sleeve Date: 1880-1900 Colour: natural Width: 40cms Length: 22cms Notes: See Antique Lace- Identifying Types and Techniques By Heather Toomer Page 231 Plate 276. One end starts for the whole width. Tortille … Continue reading

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2612. French lace collar

Type: French Purpose: collar Date: 1910 Colour: ecru Width: 8cms Length: 68cms Catalogue no: 1444

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2435. French Needlelace Pillow case

Type: French needlelace Purpose: pillowcase Date: 1860-1870 Colour: gold silk Width: 58 cms Length: 40cms Notes: Made in two pieces. Outer edge circa 1860. Thread is not of particularly good quality. The centre panel is possibly earlier ? 1800. ? … Continue reading

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2339. Torchon bobbin Lace edging

Type: Torchon Purpose: edging Date: 1880-1890 Colour: white Width: 4cms Length: 140cms Notes: French? Catalogue no: 376  

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2330. French/Cluny Bobbin Lace Insert

Type: Bobbin Purpose: Insert Date: 1910-1920 Colour: white Width: 5cms Length: 665cms Catalogue no: 386

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2146. French Needlepoint lace Lappets

Type: French needlepoint Purpose: Lappets Date: 1700 Colour: natural Width: 20cms Length: 162cms Notes: Re-used circa 1880 as possible lappets. Some motifs have been cut through at edge – also at each end a different piece has been added. Dated … Continue reading

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2124. French Crochet Vine Motif

Type: French Crochet Purpose: Motif Date: 1890-1915 Colour: White Width: 14cms Length: 23cms Catalogue No: 2399

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2113. French Point de Paris edging for Statue Stand

Type: Point de Paris Purpose: edging for Statue Stand Date: 1760-1780 Colour: natural Width: 8cms Length: 69cms Notes: Finished at both ends. Unused Catalogue no: 2954

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2077. French Filet Lace Pair of Alb Cuffs

Type:  Filet Purpose: Alb cuffs Date: 1900-1930 Colour: white Width: 20cms Length: 40cms Notes: in Rayon, so 1900-1930. Base net hand done. Grape and cross design. Catalogue no: 2907  

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2069. French bobbin lace edging

Type: French Purpose: edging Date: 1890-1900 Colour: natural Width: 48cms Length: 8cms Notes: Style of Gros Point de Venise of circa 1700. Edging couched with wrapped threads. Added headside and footside. Catalogue no: 1164

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