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2444. Carrickmacross lace Wedding Veil base

Type: Carrickmacross Purpose: Wedding Veil base Date: 1860 Colour: white Width: 81cms Length:62cms Notes: consists of 2 pieces Catalogue no: 1375

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2287. Carrickmacross lace Fascinator

Type: Carrickmacross Purpose: Fascinator Date: 1880 Colour: ecru Width: 47cms Length: 263cms Catalogue no: 1376

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2083. Carrickmacross Lace cuff

Type: Carrickmacross Purpose: cuff Date: 1880-1890 Colour: natural Width: 13cms Length: 21cms Catalogue no: 861

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1974. Carrickmacross applique on machined net pair of cuffs

Type: Carrickmacross Purpose: pair of cuffs Date: 1880-1910 Colour: white Width: 8cms Length: 20cms Notes: Top – obverse. Lower – reverse. Unlaundered. Cat no: 1053  

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1496. Carrickmacross lace Handkerchief

Type: Carrickmacross Purpose: Handkerchief Date: 1890-1910 Colour: white Width: 32cms Length: 32cms Notes: Not top quality Catalogue no: 5047  

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1424. Carrickmacross Applique Neck collar/Jabot

Type: Carrickmacross applique Purpose: Neck collar/Jabot Date: 1900-1910 Colour:  white Width: 17cms Length: 38cms Catalogue no: 1732

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1295. Machined Carrickmacross lace base of curtain

Type: Machined Carrickmacross Purpose: base of curtain Date: 1900-1930 Colour: white Width: 135cms Length: 40cms Notes: Design mirror imaged. Catalogue no: 2318

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941. Carrickmacross Applique Modesty Vest

Type: Carrickmacross Purpose: Modesty Vest Date: 1910-1930 Colour: natural Width: 26cms Length: 18cms Catalogue no: 599

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816. Carrickmacross Bertha Collar

Type: Carrickmacross Purpose: Bertha Collar Date: 1880-1900 Colour: natural Width: 20cms Length: 124cms Notes: Shown gathered. Catalogue no: 1353  

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740. Carickmacross style applique pair of Undersleeves

Type: Carickmacross style Purpose: Undersleeves Date: 1850-1860 Colour: white Width: 5cms Length: 51cms Notes: After first wash, difficult to restore crisp look. Muslin applique tamboured. Catalogue no: 188  

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