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2432. Austrian bobbin lace length or insertion

Type: Austrian Purpose: length or insert Date: 1900-1910 Colour: ecru Width: 26 cms Length: 57cms Notes: origin based on shop label Catalogue no: 1292

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1889. Irish Crochet Style Bertha Collar

Type: Irish Purpose: Bertha Collar Date: 1900-1910 Colour:white Width: 84cms Length: 12cms Notes: Probably French or Austrian. Note no Shamrock  – Clones style knots done by a looped small chain. See Irish Crochet Lace in Austria and France By Barbara Ballantyne … Continue reading

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1616. Austrian bobbin lace edging

Type: Austrian Purpose: edging Date: 1880-1900 Colour: natural Width: 19cms and 19cms Length: 154cms and 43cms Notes: worked in pairs of 2 sections of 38cms width – or in a single section and joined subsequently. Catalogue no: 1252 and 1253

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1133. North Italian or Austrian? Flounce

Type: North Italian or Austrian Purpose: Flounce Date: 1700-1750 adapted for collar of 1840-1890 Colour: natural Width: 89cms Length: 19cms Notes: Continuous tape lace – no overall pattern. Fine Linen. See Lace – A History By Santina M. Levey Page … Continue reading

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964. North Italian/Austrian/Flemish/Russian Bobbin lace fragment

Type: North Italian/Austrian/Flemish/Russian Purpose: fragment Date: 1800-1850 Colour: natural Width: 12cms Length: 31cms Notes: Note the two headed eagle and crown. Both edgings are hand bobbin lace made. Catalogue no: 2207    

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103. North Italian or Austrian Bed hanging/furnishing

Type: North Italian or Austrian Purpose: Bed hanging or furnishing Date: 1750 Colour: natural Width: 26cms Length: 180cms Notes: Motifs consisting of Peacock in a tree, Turkey, Stag and Doe, Dovecote, Dove. Part of longer length. 19th Century machine edging. … Continue reading

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