1306. Milanese Bobbin lace Stocking Front

  • Type: Milanese
  • Purpose: stocking front
  • Date: 1750
  • Colour: white
  • Width: 9cms
  • Length: 13cms
  • Catalogue no: 576




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2 Responses to 1306. Milanese Bobbin lace Stocking Front

  1. Dominique Schraft says:

    Where on the stocking would this piece of lace have been worn?

    • admin says:

      Hi Dominique
      I have to say that this was a “best guess” based on the quality, probable dating and size of the lace. The piece is very small, too small to be even useful as a pocket or embellishment. Reference sources used for the “look” were Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe Unlock’d by Janet Arnold page 206 The Hosiers. Please do have a look at images for 18th Century Hosiery in Google also. Then try 18th Century Stockings.
      Your views would be much appreciated.

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