2651. Large Collar with Needlelace and ?machined tape with hand needle filling – Help with identification please? More photos added

  • Type: Needlelace and ?machined tape, bourdon cord, hand worked
  • Purpose: Collar
  • Date: 1860
  • Colour: ecru
  • Width:  38cms deep
  • Length: 48cms around neck
  • Notes: ? 1880 copy of 1860 ?Court Ball. Note that there are a few motifs that are constantly repeated. The collar still makes a very good impact and was possibly made to imitate Venetian Gros Point. Is it machined? See Comment by Elaine Moule and reply dated 16th April 2018. UPDATE: Please see comment from Linda Partrick relating to Orvieto Crochet on 9/8/2018. Any further information/comment will be gratefully received.
  • Catalogue No: –

reverse of one of the motifs

Slightly different motifs

same motif, different orientation

same motif, slightly different orientation

reverse – but still able to see the same motifs used in different orientations

close up of reverse of a motif

note joins differ. the join on the left of the picture is the only one of its type on the whole piece


Slightly different motifs and different orientation. See also connections

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4 Responses to 2651. Large Collar with Needlelace and ?machined tape with hand needle filling – Help with identification please? More photos added

  1. Elaine Moule says:

    Just fascinated to see this as crochet. I had always thought of it as needle.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Elaine and as you were the owner of this piece your opinion is welcomed. Well, I have had the books out again and put the piece under my large magnifier.
      I hold my hands up as I did before and say that I know very little about needlelace and am only an amateur BUT
      I think that the motifs are made up of a machined tape that then has had a tremendous amount of hand work done on it…adding a bourdon cord and the fillings. You can see tiny little stitches of another shade of cotton attaching the cord to the tape under the magnifier.
      The connections between the motifs differ and this is borne out from the additional photos to the site. As you said the edging is probably hand as well and it too differs in that in some places there is a single row and in others a double, so hand not machine. It doesn’t appear to be Levers, Pushers, Schiffli or Cornely per Pat Earnshaw’s book on Machined laces. I don’t think that it’s chemical or “aetzed”, it’s too smooth and there’s no fuzziness.
      I still think that it’s an imitation/copy piece (with “WOW” factor) but a lot of these pieces were able to be done domestically as piecework, especially the motifs. PLEASE if anyone else can add to this and correctly identify this piece we would be very grateful.

  2. Linda Partrick says:

    was wondering if this might be Orvieto crochet?

    • admin says:

      Hi Linda
      Thanks for adding to the conversation about this piece. I confess to knowing nothing about crochet and particularly Italian Crochet or specifically Orvieto. PLEASE anything further that you or anyone else can add will be greatly appreciated. I have looked at a couple entries on “Google” relating to Orvieto Crochet and it’s a whole subject in itself and the pieces are beautiful. Many thanks once again for your contribution and for setting me off and hopefully others in another “lace” direction again. :-

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