2650. Bedfordshire Bobbin lace collar

  • Type: Bedfordshire
  • Purpose: Collar
  • Date: 1880-1890
  • Colour: tea dipped
  • Width: 8cms
  • Length: 54cms
  • Catalogue No: –

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2 Responses to 2650. Bedfordshire Bobbin lace collar

  1. Peter Sanders says:

    Dear MAAS – I must congratulate you on your website. I collect lace and I always take a look at the on line-collections for the Smithsonian, the NY Met, the Victoria and Albert and the Rijksmuseum to compare their exhibits with ones I have acquired. So much of what they have on line was of course acquired many years ago but it seems obvious that in many cases little thought has been given to the description of the object since that acquisition, and at least two of the above seem to have stopped any work on their websites, their directors making public statements about how expensive such work is, this last seeming to me to pass up on a unique opportunity to educate and inform yet more of the public, presumably because it’s just more profitable if you rely on the public and their pockets walking through the front door. However, I now always check out the Powerhouse Museum, and I have been drawing the attention of collectors and others who would be interested, to your excellent website because MAAS seems to think it proper to keep updating their website , and you also actually note the published sources which have guided your attributions. That really does empower people to know more, and that’s is indeed what museums are for !
    Well done, MAAS, keep it up !!!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Dear Peter
      Many thanks for your very kind and generous comments. Like you, my colleague and I have been collecting lace for a number of years and attempt to identify with referenced material on this site. We have had years of fun doing so and wanted to “share” the lace with a wider audience. We are only a couple of amateurs and are very grateful when someone offers their knowledge and expertise to put us right. We all benefit in the long run. If an individual does not want their name published then that is ok with us but the knowledge about the particular item is all important. So, if you are able to assist with any of the identification queries or if you think that we have mis-labeled something please do assist and if you can draw on evidence from your own collection that would be great as well. I assume that you are UK based and wonder whether you are familiar with the Lace Guild Collection and their publication (soon to be website) on Museums, Galleries and Collections?
      Many thanks once again,

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