2644. Armenian knotted lace Mat

  • Type: Armenian knotted lace
  • Purpose: Mat
  • Date: 1880-1920
  • Colour: tea dipped
  • Width: 28cms
  • Length: 28cms
  • Notes: The thread is very hard and coarse but the mat is very sturdy. Please see comment from Cindy dated 18th April 2018 regarding this mat being of a knotted lace type probably Armenian, Turkish , Oya or Bebilla.
  • Catalogue No: –

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2 Responses to 2644. Armenian knotted lace Mat

  1. Cindy Tiger says:

    I’ve always called this style of lace Armenian needlelace, though I believe that it is also known as Turkish or bebilla. Oya is made with the same knotted stitch.

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