2641. Venetian Point Lace Collar

  • Type: Venetian needlepoint
  • Purpose: Collar
  • Date: Circa 16/1700
  • Colour: natural
  • Length: Inside edge is 176cms and the outside edge is 222cms
  • Width 21cms
  • Notes: See Antique Lace- Identifying Types and Techniques By Heather Toomer
    Venetian Hollie point  c 1700. See also  Italian Lace Designs 243 Classic Examples By Elissa Ricci – Insertion Pl 31 Page 17 circa 16, Plate 89 Page 41 heavy Venetian Point with Rosaline background circa 16. For the brides details particularly see Pl 101 Page 47 again heavy Venetian Point with Rosaline background. See also Insertion/edging 165 Circa 16/17 Page 63. This piece has probably been a large flounce previously and has not only been cut down and refashioned but has been very much used. It still has a wonderful soft feel and look but is in a delicate state. Again someone has deemed it very worthy of preserving even if much used.
  • Catalogue no: 2319

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