1872. Flemish Needlepoint Plat lace Cravat

  • Type: Flemish copy of Venetian point
  • Purpose: Cravat
  • Date: 1690
  • Colour: natural
  • Width: 20cms
  • Length: 20cms
  • Notes: See Calais Musee de la Dentelles et de la Mode (1996) Page 78  “……le decor comporte cinq axes verticaux a candelabre, formes d’une superposition de raides tiges fleuries et de crosses accolees, sur un fond de brides picotees de taille unforme, evoquant le reseau du point de France. Ici, l’echelle trop semblable du fond et des elements rendent ceux-ci peu lisibles malgre la stricte ordonnance de la composition. La tres grande finesse du fil pourrait indiquer une production flamande a l’imitation des point venitiens ou des point de France. Nombreux raccomodages d’epoque….”

or roughly translated

“……The decor consists of five vertical axes a candelabra, forms a superposition of stiff stems and flowering butts joined, on a background of pitted flanges size unforme, evoking the network point of France. Here, the scale too similar background and elements make them very readable despite the strict order of the composition. The very high yarn count could indicate a Flemish production imitation of Venetian Point or point of France. Many repairs of age……” See The Art and Craft of Old Lace By Freiherr Alfred von Henneberg Plates 9 and 128. Also Catalogus Van De Kantverzameling (Bruges Gruuthusemuseum) – St. Vandenberghe, F. Sorber, L. Van Damme-Ketele en P. Verstraete Page 64 Plate 146 for look.

  • Catalogue no: 2435
close up

close up


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