1738. Lacis Darned and Embroidered panel

  • Type: Lacis Darned and Embroidered
  • Purpose: Panel
  • Date: 17th century onwards
  • Colour: natural
  • Width: 18cms
  • Length: 39cms
  • Notes: 2 sections joined. See Catalogus Van De Kantverzameling (Bruges Gruuthusemuseum) – St. Vandenberghe, F. Sorber, L. Van Damme-Ketele en P. Verstraete No 63 for style on net. This does not have Buratto base of woven textile. See also Cat. no. 2732 at Lace Post 1739.
  • Catalogue no: 2731
Darned and embroidered

Darned and embroidered

last use

last use

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