1663. French bobbin lace neck trim

  • Type: French
  • Purpose: Neck Trim
  • Date: 1890-1900
  • Colour: white
  • Width: 20cms
  • Length: 9cms
  • Notes: worn high to neck possibly a neck band. Please see comment dated 28th February 2014 by Mick Fouriscot. This is not hand bobbin but mechanical lace.
  • Catalogue no: 2673




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4 Responses to 1663. French bobbin lace neck trim

  1. Dominique Schraft says:

    Title and description do not match. It looks sure like bobbin lace and not like French crochet. Or am I misinformed what French crochet means?

    • admin says:

      Hi Dominique
      Many thanks for pointing out my error! The post has now been corrected. Grateful for any help received!

  2. Fouriscot says:

    Le col est réalisé en dentelle aux fuseaux mécaniques et pas du tout à la main e aux fuseaux. Il s’inspire des anciens points faits manuellement au Puy en Velay

    • admin says:

      Roughly translated to”The neck is made on mechanical bobbin lace and not hand e bobbin. It draws on the old points manually facts Puy en Velay”

      Salut, Merci pour votre commentaire d’expert. Le poste a été modifiée. Nous serions heureux de vous autres commentaires.

      Hi, Thank you for your expert comment. The post has been amended. We would welcome other comments from you.

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